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Dogsitters for Chile - October 2019

Chile, Guaquen, Región de Valparaíso


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Four dogs and wild birds


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About this assignment

I'm needing dogsitters starting mid-October 2019 to mid-November , 2019 approx. Must already be in Chile!

I'm looking for hard-core dog lovers. You must be happy with having dogs on the bed and furniture. This is only for people who've lived isolated previously and enjoy it. This is a rustic cabin in semi-arid climate overlooking the Pacific Ocean, near pine trees, eucalyptus and cactus. You might see spiders, scorpions and non-poisonous snakes, mice even a rat. Or maybe you won't. Life for me is all about co-existing with nature in a friendly way. I expect the same for people staying.

I am looking for 1-2 people to stay upstairs, and 1-2 people to stay downstairs. But there needs to be two people minimum. The shower is downstairs, the place to wash dishes is upstairs. You will be coordinating about the dogs. But there's three decks, lots of outside room.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

There are four dogs that need walking twice a day. They are the priority!!! This is mostly without leashes, but there are a few places in the area they are not allowed to go, OR they MUST be on leashes. In the past I had one dog hit by a car when a dogsitter did not use a leash. And two months ago another pup was attacked in a no-go zone. There are safe areas and unsafe areas! There's forest and rocky coastline.

If you go to the shops, one person needs to walk the dogs while one person goes to the shops. The garden is only partly fenced and the dogs will follow you! You cannot lock them in the house.

Garden birds need food twice a day.

Water comes in a truck. I will pay for the first 3,500 liters.

What are the good features of the property and location

The view of the Pacific Ocean and rocky shore is amazing and there's a decent wifi signal except on holidays. Skype works with video off, the connection is good depending on the time of day. I have a dongle/USB stick you can use to connect. It will cost you about $8 for one week/2.5gb.

There are few neighbors. Weather is mild. GREAT for authors/creative folk! You'll see many birds. Great walks right out the front gate.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

You can buy basics and probably everything you'll need within walking distance, the nearest 'real' town is 45 minutes away. There is NO vehicle! No one speaks English! Spanish only. Santiago and La Serena are 3 hour bus rides away. I'm in the middle. You can not go while you're staying here. There is no back-up for the dogs. There is a family run restaurant 5 blocks away. You really MUST be happy with your own company or working on your own projects.

Upstairs is part living room, part bedroom, like a studio apartment, with a separate bathroom and kitchen. Like many coastal areas, you may not see sun for five days at a time, and then blazing sun for five days. The weather is varied. A few years ago it rained 3 times in one year. Another year it rained lots.

You have to provide your own transport or be happy buying from the local shop.

Water is trucked in and stored in a 3,500 liter tank. It's spring water, and most people drink it. You can buy bottled water nearby if you prefer. The shower is heated by a gas heater. The cooker works with gas.

I will pay for electricity and gas. You pay for your own wifi, about $8 a week.

Fruit and veggies are cheap and wonderful all year round. Other food is similar to North America prices, with imported goods pricey.

We're next to the town of La Ballena that is touristy during January/February and a ghost town the remainder of the year except holidays.
Do not expect much support. You must be resourceful. It's an older house, so things break/wear out. Being handy with tools helps. There are no screens on the windows and doors. There are mosquitoes depending on the time of year.

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