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Leader of the pack needed in the Caribbean for ThongDaeng & Kieper (dogs), Ponque & Elfin. (cats)

Caribbean, Windwardside, Saba


  • Dog(s)
  • Cat(s)

We might be having a baby tortoise when you are coming. Not sure yet. And they would need extra care


  • Period available: 2 weeks, 6 days
  • Starts: 15 July 2024
  • Ends: 4 August 2024


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About this assignment

We are looking for a NON SMOKING pack leader that sticks to our house and pet rules. We need someone who continues our routines and rules so the transitions from us to you and you to us are as smooth as can be and which will give our pets stability and comfort.

The Cottage is a Traditional Cottage which at this moment is a circular shop. This means that you will be staying in the shop, which is furnished as a home where everything is for sale. However during your stay we will close the shop to provide you with more privacy. Unless you are interested in running it for us.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

You will have to be a good leader to the dogs and maintain the dogs and cat routines, including a morning and evening walk for the dogs and feeding all animals twice a day.

Our dogs ThongDaeng and Kieper are real dogs and our cats are real cats and not little persons so please only consider responding if you agree to that philosophy, respect our training and stick to our rules.
ThongDaeng is a Thai Rescue dog (3 legged ) and he will surely steal your heart. He needs to be walked (outside of the garden ) a minimum of two times a day, (and poop needs to be picked up ). He can be alone in the patio while you explore the island however, he CAN NOT stay closed up INSIDE the home alone during the night or during the day. ThongDaeng is an elderly gentleman (14 in August 2024) and he really needs very little training.
Kieper is a pup (Born 31 August 2023 ) and we need someone who will continue and respect our training without changing new habits, as most of the things he still needs to learn or get ingrained. His routine will have changed when you are here in July so no need to tell you about it now. It will probably have to do with playtime, maybe some extra poop / pee walks ( not far and not long) but he might have outgrown that then.
Both dogs can easily gets spoiled when bad habits are allowed so please do not allow it.
Our Venezuelan rescue cat Ponque is well trained, and will come when you call. Our Saban kitten Elfin is learning her name and stays close to home ( for now) All four of them need to be inside with you at night. The dogs sleep in their own beds and the cats are allowed at the foot end of the bed.

You will need to keep an eye on some plants in the garden and water them if we had a period of no rain.

We need you to be extremely vigilant about rain and windows and doors open. If it rains it will rain inside the Cottage and it might damage the old wooden floor.

You will need to keep the Cottage clean so not to attract roaches. Yes, this paradise has bugs so please put all food away as soon as possible. That is why the cats get their food, we wait for them to eat and then we put it away.

Keep us informed of any issues or news by whatsapp including regular fun updates.

Once all the pets needs are met you are free to explore the island or enjoy the fun of local island life.

We will put a basic supply of groceries (let us know what you need to start nicely) in the fridge for your arrival and in return we would expect a basic supply on our return.

We would like you to be here a day before we leave and leave a day after we return. We can work out the details later together.
We would share those costs together with you as Saba is an expensive place to stay.

What are the good features of the property and location

You will be staying in a traditional wooden Saban cottage in the heart of Windwardside, a picturesque village with two grocery stores, about six restaurants, and local island life happening all around you. If you are a scuba diver, or want to learn, this is one of the best places to dive in the world! There are numerous hikes around the island, including climbing the sleeping volcano, Mt. Scenery. The well maintained trail system traverses five varying ecosystems. There are a few places to swim but Saba has no natural beach to speak of.

Saba is the best kept secret of the Caribbean: a volcano with world class scuba diving, breath taking hiking, and a laid back feeling. Saba has no real beaches, extremely limited shopping, and no tourist attractions to speak of. Spending a week here, you will feel like a local and be constantly amazed by the raw beauty of this 5 square mile island.
This is an island not for everyone. You need to be able to entertain yourself, love reading books, doing some light gardening or whatever. This is not a place if you need external entertainment, there are no shows, no ziplines, no cinema, no casino, not even a dunking donuts, Starbucks or Subway.

You do not need a car as it is a very safe island and you can just hitch a ride when you need one.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

Saba is not your traditional tourist destination. Its appeal is based on the raw beauty and adventure of this out of the way destination. If you want luxury, entertainment at your fingertips, lots of shopping, and locals to cater to your every whim, then Saba is not for you. If you love nature, are respectful and conservative with our natural resources, and enjoy making your own entertainment (which might be sitting on a stone wall and watching life go by) then you will probably really love this island!

Saba is a special place with special needs: there is no water supply on the island other than rain, so you need to be extremely conservative in your use.
There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the house and we expect you to keep our cottage neat and tidy.

On Wednesday the grocery boat arrives and that is your day to get your groceries. Please talk to us if you have any desired food wishes as most of the food is based on what most people want. We can tell you what might be here and what definitely might not.

We would need you to ABSOLUTELY commit to sticking to the dog and cat rules.

Can I bring my own pets?

No, sorry.

Last updated: 19 May 2024
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