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India, Calvim, Goa


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About this assignment

Love, patience, dedication.......

I am looking for mature, responsible, happy, flexible, and responsive people, for real dog lovers who go out of their way to make dogs happy, walk, cuddle, and live with them.
To respect their distinct individualities would not be alien to you, but a joy.....

I would be immensely happy to find sitters who are down-to-earth, hands-on, and used to (or want to experience) a rustic setting.

If you would be ready to undertake small and bigger tasks, such as sandpapering and painting the exteriors of the wooden house (your place to stay), apply linseed oil to the window frames and such things......that would be great!

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Love, feed and walk my four dogs.
Water the garden daily (1950 square meters, sprinklers fitted - need to be moved around), mow the lawn regularly, weeding, and in general to keep the garden in an enjoyable state!
Keep the house and surroundings clean and tidy.
General maintenance work as described above.

What are the good features of the property and location

Hill- and river view, at the very end of the 140-houses- -village. Quit, green, fields adjoining the property.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

I will be present during your assignment, you have your own wooden house to live in with a verandah and an outdoor bathroom.

The village consists of 140 houses and a bar close by (to socialize and hear the latest gossip), no industry whatsoever, cows and goats just over the wall, river view…… hills you can see….. sunrise from your bedroom window, and sunset point just around the corner.

Mine is not a place to party but to enjoy nature and silence. 14 kilometres from the nearest beach.

No TV. Fast Internet connection you can get via hotspot of your smartphone, mobile connections are easily available, and very cheap.

If you have an international/Indian driving license, you are welcome to use my scooter occasionally.

There are 4 dogs to be taken care off. They have to be walked, all on a leash, goat hunters and piglet chasers!

They are very loving and lovable dogs and need every day many doses of affection.

There is a fence around my garden of nearly 2000 square meters (which has to be checked from time to time, if still safe, or if a tunnel has been dug....) so that the dogs can roam freely during the day.
Dogs food preparation is a task..... they do not like tins and packet food.
Chicken liver/gizzard, rice/noodles, lentils, and vegetables are the daily menu.

Sprinklers for the lawn and plants are fitted, they just have to be moved once in a while.

And yes........keep the house clean and tidy. This would mean to also move furniture once in a while .......

I am interested in long term sitters.....the transition is sometimes a bit difficult.....
But please do write to me also - if you think you are the right match - when you are available only for a shorter period of time.

More photos are available....please write to me!

Last updated: 22 June 2019

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