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Costa blanca Free camping Motorhomes/campervans needed Valencia region for land/house security. Basic off grid property set amongst orange groves, near beach & town. Peaceful, lovely atmosphere

Spain, Oliva, Valencian Community


There are no pets to look after


  • Dates: variable


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About this assignment

This assignment is ideal for motorhome, camper vans or caravans to enjoy a free pitch, usually the end of May to the end of September. There is no Wifi attached to the property, but the signal is good if you bring your own. Alternatively there are Internet cafes and a library in town.

We will consider splitting the assignment in to periods of one month at a time, but prefer people to do the full period if possible. We prefer to have two sets of sitters if possible in case one set needs to leave due to the heat, unforseen circumstances etc. If this is objectional then we would need you to be very sure and ultra reliable (we have had previous bad experience) We feel two sets of motorhomes/caravans actually gives an added bonus to sitters also, since it allows extra freedom for overnight stays elsewhere for touring the area. We are happy for sitters to have friends visit and stay a while in their camper van there is plenty of area in the garden to spread out, or use the house if they wash bedding.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Ideally the sitters will maintain a regular presence, in order to provide security for the property. Sitters should be familiar with solar panels, generators and well water (not drinkable) But all can be explained easily.

sitters will need to buy petrol periodically to use generator to fill water tank for washing dishes, showering and washing up. Sitters may need to replace gas canisters if using shower or small two ring gas hob in the house. This is only if they choose to use the facilities. The cost for these things is virtually negligible. Certainly you would use no more than you would in a motorhome or caravan. Obviously whatever is left in canisters when we leave will be left for sitters.

What are the good features of the property and location

The house is set in amongst orange groves, it is detached and stands alone in approximately 6-7000 sq metres so lots of room to spread out. There are neighbours approximately 150m away, but currently they do not live there all the time.

There are mature trees. Pine, Fig, Pomegranate, Cherry plumb/Mirabelle plum, orange, Mulberry, Walnut, Pecan, Almond and Apricot.
There is lots of Spanish cane on the land for those who want to make crafts... Like wind chimes, whistles etc. (maybe google for ideas)

There is a beautiful wildlife pond (see picture) which has frogs, toads, small fish and various types of dragonflies and damsel flies. It has a dipping part which is approximately 4ft/1.2m deep. So you can cool off in it by way of a change to going to the beach.

The town of Oliva is approximately 15 minutes on bicycle and the beach 10 minutes....all flat no hills.

There is a spare bicycle here for use and various children's bicycles from toddlers scoot along with no pedals to around 5/6 year olds. There is also a 10ft/3m trampoline with full safety net.

The town of Oliva is a nice size, not too big not too small. It is non touristic. Has ample cafes, bakeries, supermarkets (not huge ones) just about all you need. There are two English charity shops and a Friday market. There are various restaurants including chinese, Indian and Pizza. There is a long beautiful pedestrian rambla lined with Plane trees and benches and a good tourist information office.

For those who like bustling cities Gandia is half an hour by bus, it is a small city with huge Carrefour supermarket, shopping centres, train station etc etc.

The mountains visible from the garden are not too far, for those who like mountain walks.

Oliva also has a castle ruin which has good panoramic views (the picture of the house and grounds amongst orange groves, was taken from the castle on zoom lens, as was the picture of the beautiful blue tiled church dome, which is located in the old town)

The property has an outside stand pipe tap for rinsing cassette toilet and another for washing water. There is access to a 30 metre hose pipe. There is an easily accessible cess pit for emptying cassette toilet or clearing up after dog.

Pou Clar (see picture) is just over an hour away by vehicle, it is a paradisiacal springs with icy cold water to cool you off, as an alternative to the beach (see picture of beach) Alternatively there is a warm spring easily reached by bicycle, about 5 miles away called Font Salada (see picture)

Denia, Javea, Calpe and Altea are all within a reasonable drive.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

The temperature can be extremely hot in the summer months especially July and August.

There is no washing machine, but several cheap launderettes in town. The shower runs on gas.
The property is off grid on solar power. There is no rubbish collection, bins will need to be taken to the nearest collection point regularly, there is one on the way to the beach and one on the edge of town.

There will be many varieties of mosquito during the summer. There may be ticks in the Autumn, although it is too hot for them during July and August.

The water from the well is not suitable for drinking. You would need to buy bottled water, as most Motorhomers do in Spain anyway.

There is no wifi/Internet attached to the property

This is a countryside location so there is wildlife around.... Snakes, Wild Boar, Badgers, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Common Genets, Rats, Mice, Stoats and many interesting Birds etc. All of which keep themselves to themselves, so if you don't bother them they will not bother you. If any from this list bothers you...There have been sitters here who have seen nothing except Birds, also the fence and gate keep out the bigger animals.

There is a pond and there are areas potentially hazardous for children or infirm it is at the sitters own risk. By this I mean bricks, uneven ground, deep empty concrete water reservoir, brambles and Bouganvilla which has large thorns. Renovation and building/landscaping in progress.

If sitters use indoor camping stove or indoor shower they may need to change gas.

Sitters will need to put petrol into generator to pump the water from the well to a holding tank. You could get around this by hauling water up in a's up to you, but the pump is very efficient and fills empty to full in ten minutes, so if you keep water topped up regularly it's very quick and uses hardly any petrol in generator. The water tank is 1000 litres.

If sitters use the bedding in the house could they please wash it afterwards.

We want sitters to feel at home, whilst you are here it is as much yours as it is ours. We are not prissy about small breakages.. .stuff happens ;) Virtually everything here is what we have brought, bought or put here. When we came there was nothing in the house except the camping stove. The kitchen now has a sink and all cooking utensils, pans, plates etc. There is a large table for entertaining guests, a sofa, jigsaw puzzles and games. If you were to be here in winter there is a log burner in the kitchen and plenty of fire wood.

We are not the owners of the property. We have been here as volunteers for some years, renovating the house and clearing and planting the land as best we can without much money.

Most concentration has been on land clearance and making the garden serene and beautiful with flowers and trellis/fencing, to encourage more birds and butterflies, but the kitchen and one bedroom are fully functional and comfortable, the bathroom has a working gas shower, but is still mid renovation, if you need to use them.

More pictures can be sent on request by direct email, as the site messaging service does not support sending of photos.

Last updated: 7 July 2019

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Had a great time here with this lovely, friendly accommodating family who go out of their way to please! Would recommend them to anyone and would definitely let them house sit my house and look after my fur babies! Thanks Guys, see you all next year.

Elaine, United Kingdom, 13 April, 2019

  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Helpful with problems
  • Kept in contact
  • Gave good instructions


Oliva is a lovely non touristic town with a fantastic beach. The house though basic has great character and the kitchen and two bedrooms are lovely, if you need to use them. The garden has mature trees and plenty of flowers and there is a lovely pond. The dog is adorable and totally soppy, he does not like male dogs of his size though. If you are lucky enough to sit when the oranges are ready to pick, you will experience fresh citrus which is just amazing. Maria and Kristoff are very friendly and they are happy for sitters to have friends drop by in their campers. This sit is ideal for nature lovers, but not for people who are in to luxurious villas and posh swimming pools. If you are a tidy freak this is not for you because there is still work ensuing in the garden and house. It is as it says in the ad perfect for motorhomers, we totally recommend this sit if you like natural surroundings, beach and small non touristic towns.

Maria, United Kingdom, 19 January, 2019

  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Organised
  • Helpful with problems
  • Kept in contact
  • Gave good instructions

Peaceful and beautiful

Had a great time in Olivia during the summer, I came down in my van in April and stayed until June. The home itself is tremendously peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of city life but with all local amenities within a 5 minute cycle (bike on the house!). Woody is possibly the most good natured dog I've ever met, and will put up with slow walking adults and excitable children alike, easy to keep happy with two short walks a day and breakfast and dinner at unregimented times. Maria and Kris kept great communication whilst I was on my way there, despite some hiccups with my van on the journey! And continued to keep in touch to check everything was okay once I was there. Don't expect satellite tv and internet streaming. Do expect birdsong, beautiful sunsets, and a sense of inner peace. I absolutely plan to return when I can!

Syrus, United Kingdom, 20 December, 2018

  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Helpful with problems
  • Kept in contact
  • Gave good instructions