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House sitting – latest advice regarding travel restrictions/Coronovirus

by Alan Koeninger

Here is some advice to help you decide what to do during the Covid-19 crisis.

What should I do if I can’t travel due to travel restrictions?

In the first instance, you should discuss the situation with the home owner. You should also check with your local government website to find out what type of travel restrictions are in place.

If you are traveling overseas, you will need to also check with your destination country government websites AND transport companies, as they may also have travel restrictions in place.

Insurance & Plan B

Also, you should have a contingency plan in case a) the home owner can’t leave their property and has to cancel the house sitting assignment, or b) the destination government changes their travel restrictions, or c) your home country changes their travel restrictions and won’t let you back in.

Also, we advise that you take out travel insurance, in case your transport is cancelled at the last minute.

Want if I don’t want to travel (due to the virus)?

If you don’t want to travel and wish to cancel your house sitting assignment, please contact the home owner immediately. Please also let them know why you have decided against traveling. Hopefully the home owner will be reasonable and confirm cancellation, however if there are any issues, please contact our help desk support.

Do I need a vaccine passport?

That depends on the home owner. Some home owners may want you to be vaccinated (and to prove it to them) and some may not. In the first instance, you should definitely ask the home owner whether vaccination is a requirement for them, and if so, do you need to show them any proof of vaccination.

Last updated 16 March 20202

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Alan Koeninger

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