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We provide all the online tools for home owners and house/pet sitters to find each other from around the globe (or around the corner) since 2005.

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Need someone to look after your house or pets while you're away? Home owners join for free.

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Enjoy free holiday accommodation, save your rental payments and treat yourself on whatever! House sitter members pay the lowest annual fee on the web.

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MindMyHouse News (and price change) January 2023

Kia ora (a Māori greeting term which is widely in use here in New Zealand/Aotearoa) which literally means: ‘have life-force’, to you all, our thousands of house sitter and home owner members (not forgetting our dual home owners & house sitter members, cos that’s a thing…).

Social Media update

You won’t find us on social media for a reason! We think that stuff is fluff. Our business ethos is about providing our members with an advertising free zone in which to find each other and meet up to do all that adventuring while house sitting worldwide. No sponsorship, or pictures of women laughing at salad on our site!

Coronavirus update

Here is some advice to help you decide what to do during the Covid-19 crisis.

House sitters, check out your new ‘My Assignments’ feature

Introducing your new ‘My Assignments’ section for house sitters, which will list all of the assignments that you have applied for, and much more!

Home owners: check out your new ‘My Sitters’ feature

Introducing your new ‘My current sitter & applicants page’, which will list all of the house sitters who have contacted you, or whom you have contacted via our Message Centre.


Thanks for making all of this possible for me and the millions of others who love to travel ( Sitter)

As a longterm member (9 years), I have watched as you have improved your service, keeping up with the times and making it easy and safe to use. I have had several housesits over the years and have found my homeowners not only delightful people but also very appreciative of whatever I could do to make their own travel go smoothly. I have fed and watered a horse and a mule, kept a friendly cat or two and have seen parts of the world I would never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise. Thanks for making all of this possible for me and the millions of others who love to travel.

Meg Watson, United States. Sept 2022

Thank you! ( Owner)

I am getting used to using it. Especially as a home owner, I have found it easy to use, AND most importantly, it has matched me with a sitter who I am very happy to have found--very much looking forward to meeting her in a week....she even offered to bring me to the airport! THANK YOU!

Kit, United States. June 2022