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Tell me about my MindMyHouse message centre?

The message centre is a place where copies of all emails you have sent or received from other MindMyHouse members through our contact form system are stored. Whenever you contact a home owner or house sitter via the MindMyHouse contact form system, a copy of the email will go into your message centre as well as to the personal email address you use with your MindMyHouse account.

Please note that if a home owner or house sitter knows your email address it is most likely that they will have contacted you directly (via your external Google/Hotmail/Yahoo email account) and thus there will be no record of this message in your message centre!

Your message centre is a good place to find those old emails you sent or received through our system but can't find in your own email account. However please note that we can only store these messages for about two years. Any mail older than that will need to be deleted due to server space (we can't store them all!).

Please note that's it's a very good idea to make use of your shortlist - when you reply to a home owner or sitter listing, adding them to your shortlist will make them automatically appear in your message centre as well. It makes it much easier to send them subsequent messages and to identify messages coming from them as well.

Viewing your mail
To view all emails that you have sent or received through our contact form system, simply click on the Sitter or Owner tab from the main menu (you need to be logged in of course) and you will see your most recent messages from your inbox. You can then click on the 'Message centre' title (or on a message) to access your messages. Once in your Message centre, click on the 'Sent messages' folder to view your mail to other MindMyHouse members. Click on the 'Inbox' folder to view all incoming mail from fellow members who contacted you through our system. To read the full version of an email, simply click on the message subject line and the email will be visible underneath (you may have to scroll down a bit too see it).

Replying to your mail
Replying to an email in your inbox is simply a matter of selecting a message and then clicking on the 'Reply' button in the button bar. A new email form will appear, where you can type in your new message. You can either send it straight away by clicking on 'Send' or save it to your drafts folder by clicking on the 'Save to drafts' button. Once you have sent your message, you will see a copy of the email in the 'Sent messages' folder, as well as another copy in your own personal email address.

To send a new message
Clicking on the 'New message' button in the button bar will load a new message form where you can type in a new message. Messages can be sent straight away or saved to your drafts folder (via the 'Save as draft' button). You can either type in the recipients email address directly (if you know it) or type in part of their name to display a popup list of matching members in your shortlist. Note that you can only send messages to MindMyHouse members. 

About templates
If you have a message that you use over and over again, you can save it as a template so that you can use it again at a later date. To save a message as a template, create a new message, add your message and click the 'Save as template' button. This will save the message in the templates folder. You can also move an existing message that you've already sent from your sent folder to the template folder - just select the message and click the 'Move' button in the button bar and choose 'Templates' from the drop down menu. Home owners: we have also added a basic template for you as well to help you reply to house sitters who apply for your assignments! To use one of your templates, just click the 'Edit message' button after selecting the template message. 

Sorting your mail
To sort your mail by date, subject or sender, simply click on the relevant heading at the top of the list. Click on the header again to sort in the opposite direction.

Moving messages to another folder
To move one or several messages to another folder, place a tick inside the checkbox (in the left message column) of each message you want to move. Then click on the 'Move' button in the button bar and select the folder you want to move the message to from the drop down menu.

Deleting messages
To delete a message, simply put a tick inside the checkbox (in the left message column) of each message you want to delete and choose the 'Delete' button in the button bar. To empty the trash, click on the trash folder on the left and then click the 'Empty trash' button in the button bar. 

Searching for lost mail
If you can't find an email in your message centre that you know you sent or received through our contact form system please report the problem to us and we'll see if we can find it. Note that if the message is over two years old it will have been deleted.

Receiving a suspicious message
As ever, if you receive a message that is suspicious in any way please contact us and we will investigate it. There is also a spam button in the button bar - just select the message to view it and click 'Spam'.

Tracking your sent mail
If you haven't had a prompt reply from those people you wrote to through our internal contact form system please be assured that the messages will have been sent! However, your mail may not have actually been read or responded to due to the following:

The message was received and read but your recipients have not done anything about it. While we do regularly remind our members to be courteous and reply to all mail they receive from fellow MindMyHousies we can't force them to do so!
The message may have be redirected into the recipient's spam folder instead of their inbox at their personal email address. 
The message is in the relevant MindMyHouse inbox but the recipient hasn't checked their MindMyHouse message centre. 
The message has bounced from your recipients' personal email inbox due to the address being invalid. Luckily, a copy of your message will be waiting for them at their MindMyHouse message centre. Now if only we could get them to login and check their mail...