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How do I view the latest house sitting assignments straight away, as they are published?

Want to get in early? Good for you :)

There are four ways that you can ensure that you see the latest house sitting assignments:

  1. On the search page, select the 'Sort by date submitted' option in the 'Sort' dropdown menu. This will ensure that the latest listings approved by us will appear at the top. Please note that this sort option doesn't apply to email alerts, as these are already the 'latest' listings, albeit within a 24 hour period.
  2. Setup a daily email alert. We will then email you (every day) the latest listings, if we find a match. Try not to use any keywords! For more information about email alerts, please see this FAQ.

  3. Subscribe to our Twitter feed. Listings are added as soon as they are published. 

  4. Use our RSS feed. Listings are added as soon as they are published. For more information about RSS, please see this FAQ on the subject.

For more general help with searching, please refer to the following: