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Help with searching

Are there any tips for searching your FAQs?

Once we start to receive your Frequently Asked Questions we'll be adding the answers to these to our already extensive list of FAQs. We've tried to anticipate your every query so our FAQs are very comprehensive but you don't need to be overwhelmed by the scale and number of them. Searching our FAQs and getting a tidy return that (hopefully) answers your question should be easy to do.

To search every FAQ in the database by keyword choose 'show all FAQs' from the drop-down menu then simply enter your keyword/s. To narrow your search by keyword choose a specific subject to search in. Note that the search engine will only show you those FAQs in your chosen subject that contain EVERY keyword you have listed. To get a different kind of search return (a list of FAQs that your editor has already grouped for you by theme) search our FAQs by subject only.

Note the 'For sitters' and 'For owners' at the start of many of the FAQs. These FAQs contain customized information for our different types of membership accounts. You're welcome to read them all!