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Tell me about your new Community area. What is a blog? Can I email my story/poem/article with a house sitting theme to you for publication?

MindMyHouse has opened its very own Community area to provide a forum for our members to get involved in the site or just enjoy what others have to say about the exciting phenomenon that is house sitting worldwide. Our Community area has five distinct parts to it: a newsletter; a blogsite waiting for your submissions; lots of house sitting stories; a bunch of informative media articles; and a new section with profiles of our more experienced members. We welcome your comments at the bottom of all of our published pieces. You don't need to be a member to make a comment. Tell us what you think!

Just click on the 'Community' tab to have a look around.

1. MindMyHouse News
The first is the occasional newsletter (posted under 'Introduction') that your fair editor publishes to keep you updated on any issues relevant to your use of the site or house sitting in general. If you have subscribed to our members mailing list, you'll get an email everytime I post a new one of these with the full version of the newsletter as well as a link to the page so you can find the HTML version on the site in one click. (You may like to propose a more original title for our newsletter than 'MindMyHouse News'.)

2. Bloggers on Assignment
The second part of our Community area is a blogsite for the publication of all things house sitting (this is called 'Bloggers on Assignment'). The word 'blog' may seem a little intimidating and new-fangled but a weblog is really nothing more than an online journal. The proliferation of blogging software and free hosting blogsites has meant that every woman and her cat (that's you!) can now publish up-to-the-minute observations on life, the universe and everything to a potential global audience of millions.

Of course you don't have to be a 'real blogger' and you don't need to be on a house sitting assignment to submit your writing for publication here. You may be a home owner that has a funny story to tell about your house sitters from a decade past or you might be a teen who was left 'home alone' for a while and has written a poem about the experience.

We would definitely encourage the submission of your stories about house sitting, house sitters, animals you've minded, the steam boiler that failed you at the crucial moment, the dogs that insisted on sleeping across your legs, mice in the drawers, gorgeous seaviews from that stone shack on the Croatian coast and stunning sunsets across the Nullabor. Why not share your house sitting thoughts and tales with us? Your stories, poems and blog excerpts could inspire others to take up a house sitting opportunity or just let them dream a little about your adventures. Other members can post (moderated) comments directly below your work; this can be an exciting way to get a dialogue (of sorts) happening with others the world over.

Our editor will be moderating the 'Bloggers on Assignment' blogging facility to ensure only suitable material is published. We're sorry but we may not be able to publish everything you submit. There are no style guidelines - just write to us in your best English (please spellcheck your documents). You can publish your work as anonymously as you like so don't be shy - submit your writing to our editor today. Send it either in the body of an email or save it as a rich text file and attach it to the email. Or if you're familiar with the blogging software and want to register and then login as a user to post your work to me in draft form. See other FAQs in this subject for advice on how to do this.

Get blogging and see what all the fuss is about!

3. & 4. Stories, poems, blog excerpts & Media articles
When reading too much about house sitting and related themes is never enough! We've already published many articles, poems and blog excerpts written by authors the world over all with the central unifying theme of - you guessed it - house sitting! These stories and media articles are the third and fourth parts of our Community area and are for your reading pleasure and education.

5. Meet the house sitters
This section is where we profile you, our house sitter members with an extraordinary story to tell. See other FAQs under the Community area subject for what is involved in getting your own profile online at MindMyHouse.