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Can I recruit house sitters to work for my agency from your database of registered house sitters?

Even though MindMyHouse is trying to promote the free exchange of services (house and pet sitting) with goods (accommodation) we have relaxed our rules and allowed various commercial house sitting enterprises to advertise on our site.

We think that some of our house sitters may be interested in working for a house sitting agency and being paid for their services. Thus you're welcome to search our database of house sitters to create a shortlist of those people you think may be interested in your proposition. Once you've completed your free home owner registration you'll be able to see our house sitter members' contact details in their sitter available listings.

Once you've searched our database and created a shortlist of suitable candidates you're welcome to contact each house sitter by email or phone detailing your business proposition. However, the usual rules of good spam etiquette apply: contact each person with a personalised email and then only once. Please resist the temptation of creating a mailing list to advertise whatever other commercial interests you may have. Good luck with your business.