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About your listing

Would you like to be profiled in our 'Meet the house sitters' section of the Community area of our site?

We would like to extend an invitation to all of our house sitter members to be profiled in our new 'Meet the house sitters' section of our Community area. This new section will be an interesting addition to our site, giving home owners a more detailed glimpse into your lives!

I would be interested in featuring those house sitters here with a special story to tell. You may have discovered a whole new life in a caretaking role, you may have fallen in love with a hitherto neglected part of this world while house sitting, you may be on a quest to bring life back to derelict buildings with art events, you may be a family who only house sits in France during the school holidays, you may be a relief inn sitter, you may be an RVer or workamper who parks their palace outside various homes and earns their keep that way.

Sorry but this isn't the place to try and advertise yourself and your range of paid house sitting services. Having said that, having a profile online (think of it as your own super-sized, illustrated sitter available listing in our Community area) may make more home owners want to contact you directly!

The actual profile will include your name and age as well as lots of lovely contextualizing information about your house sitting adventures and philosophy of life. The editor will write around 500 words about your life as a house sitter based on your answers to a written questionnaire. We would be happy to link to a URL of your choice from your member profile.

To be profiled, you will need to answer a list of questions by email as well as provide one or more photos to accompany the text. You retain editorial control of your own profile and can suggest any changes to the text before it's published.

If you're interested, write to Susan, your friendly editor, at with a brief outline of your story.