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For owners: Are there any tips for searching for a house sitter using standard keyword search?

When looking for your next house sitter make sure you're getting the most out of our search engine. Here's a few simple tips for searching our site more effectively using our standard keyword search:

  • Where do they live? When you search for house sitters by country note that not all of the house sitters in your search return will normally live in that country. (Many house sitters are keen to travel to house sitting assignments.) To find house sitters that normally live in your country make a search by that country, noting the country of residence information (Or search our database using our Search by location). Save preferred house sitters to your shortlist by choosing 'add this person to my shortlist' from their listing. Then select 'my shortlist' from your account area to see those house sitters that live in your country.
  • To see less listings To decrease the number of returns in your search, add cities/towns and regions/states to your search by country. If you do this our search engine will only find those house sitters who have ALL the terms you've listed in their listing. Adding one or more keywords will reduce the number of listings found even further.
  • To see more listings To increase the number of returns in your search, search by countries only rather than by cities/towns, regions/states and keywords.
  • Adding keywords Searching by country and keyword only can be a fun way of getting right to the heart of the matter. Our search engine will scan each word in every sitter available listing to find your search results. Note that by adding one or more keywords into your search form you may be dramatically reducing the number of sitter available listings that are found and displayed to you.
  • Exact matches of all the terms Note that our search engine is looking for exact matches between the terms in your search form and the place names listed in sitter available listings. Unfortunately, we can't provide a pull-down menu for every town/city and region/state in this great big planet of ours. Thus, to find every person looking to house sit in, for example, LA, consider casting your net as wide as possible by making a few consecutive searches using as many versions of the place name as you can think of (including English-language versions, abbreviations, acronyms, local terms and common spelling or punctuation errors). In this example, you could begin with a search for house sitters in United States, LA; your next search could be for those in United States, Los Angeles (two words); your next in United States, LosAngeles (one word); your next in United States, L.A., your next in United States, California...and so on. Add your favourite listings to your shortlist as you go to keep a track of them all!
  • Sorting your results Our search is ordered randomly to be fair, however you can choose to display the most recent listings first. Please note though that you can't use any keywords to sort by date. That's because a keyword search is ordered by relevance (ie. the number of tiems a keyword is found in a listing).
  • Email alerts Setting up an email alert is an excellent way to get relevant search results on a daily or weekly basis without having to search our site. To do this, simply make a search then choose 'Save this search'. Sorted!