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For sitters: A home owner has written to me using an internal contact form. How do I reply to them when I can't see their email address?

It's easy to reply to messages from home owners via our system of internal contact forms. Whatever you do, please don't try and reply to these messages by hitting the 'reply' button in your mail program like you would do with an ordinary email, as your message will unfortunately be 'lost in space'. Instead you will be prompted to click on a link contained within their message to you which will take you to a fresh box in which to type your reply to the home owner.

Alternatively, you can go to your Message Centre to view the email and then click on the home owners name. This will also take you to the contact form.

Please be assured that your message will then be sent directly to the home owner's usual email inbox. When they are comfortable revealing more of their contact and personal information (such as where they live so you can house sit for them) they will.

Please note, you will need to login in to your account in order to access this contact form or message centre.