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Should I create my own personal website to advertise my house sitting services? Can I link to my personal website from my listing on MindMyHouse?

A number of our members have taken the time to create their own personal website advertising their house sitting services (or even their house sitting assignment) to link to from their listing on MindMyHouse. These sites tend to be cheap and cheerful, spread over one or two pages and obviously created by 'hobbyists'. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

If you do have your own site, or even a Facebook page, you can easily add the URL to your sitter available listing.

So what makes a good and effective personal website? It's a really good idea to create and purchase your own domain name. This is cheap to do but will instantly lift your site above all of those that have long cumbersome URLs trailing after the a free hosting domain name such as Geocities. Make your personal domain name memorable and have some fun with it!

There are a number of domain hosting service providers which will host your website for free so the whole enterprise can be surprisingly inexpensive. It's a good idea to have your site professionally built and designed. If you are serious about house sitting, a professionally built website will pay itself off in extra offers of house sitting assignments in no time at all.

One page is adequate although a link to a second 'contact us' page will help give your site extra oomph. Upload one or more happy photographs of yourself and your house sitting partners (perhaps taken on your previous house sitting assignments) to inspire confidence in any interested home owners. Pictures of any animals you have cared for in the past immediately signal to interested home owners where your experience lies. Tell home owners how they can benefit from your services and list your previous house sitting successes.

Your site will be indexed by the main search engines quite quickly and should be returned at the top of the list of search engine return pages for a search by your personal domain name within months. However, home owners don't know what your domain name is and will be searching for house sitters' personal websites using general keywords such as 'house sitter Alaska', 'housesitting horses' and so on. Don't expect your site to be returned in a search for any of the keywords contained within it for a long time (years) or even ever! Getting your page to 'rank' well with the search engines is the business of a whole raft of highly paid IT professionals. However, when you link to your site from your sitter wanted listing on an established house sitting site, you will have demonstrated to interested home owners that you mean business. Good luck with it!

(Don't forget that your sitter available listing on MindMyHouse IS your own personal web page on our site. Your page has a unique URL that you can use anywhere you like - on business cards for example - to advertise your services.)