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Help with your account

Why didn't I receive my activation email? Why aren't I receiving my alert emails? Why aren't I getting responses to my requests for customer support?

If emails you were expecting from MindMyHouse haven't arrived in your inbox, it may be caused by one of the following issues:

You accidently entered in the wrong email address when you registered (it happens)
If you think this has happened to you, contact us at and we can help.

Your email account provider may be blocking our emails to you.
Yes spam is a scourge - but emails from MindMyHouse (while they are often automatically generated) aren't! In an effort to combat spam many email accounts (especially those connected with work places and academic institutions) have very efficient spamblocking technology in place that may be inadvertently preventing you from receiving important emails from us.

Private free email service providers also offer various levels of spam filtering that may be doing the same damage. If anything in the following list seems to apply to you, your email account software or provider may be using spam blocking technology which is preventing our emails from reaching you:

  • If you have subscribed to our mailing list but aren't receiving our newsletter, MindMyHouse News, in your inbox.
  • If your requests for customer support seem to be going unanswered.
  • If you haven't received a single email telling you that a new house sitting assignment (or house sitter) has become available in your preferred areas.
  • If you registered with our service but the activation email never arrived.

So what's the solution? You will need to ensure that any emails from support@mindmyhouse,, and are allowed to bypass your SPAM filter. Usually it's a simple matter of adding these addresses into your email program preferences to allow them to be received.

Also, avoid using your work or academic email address with MindMyHouse as these accounts are most likely to have over-zealous spam filters. It's best to use a free public domain account such as those available with Yahoo Mail or GMail.

Please note that your email address can't actually be harvested from our website as all contact details are hidden behind a password-protected area. So as long as you don't write your email address in the body of your listing (and you don't publish that address anywhere else on the web) you're safe from receiving the endless Viagra listings (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh) at that address.

Note that you don't need to re-register with our service to change your email address. Simply login to your member account area and choose 'Update my contact details'. Type your new email address into the relevant field and it's done!