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What is a cookie? Why is it required?

A cookie is a small amount of data that generates for each member every time they log in to the site. This technology allows to streamline members' use of the site. Members need to make sure that their browser is –cookies enabled' for the customisable elements of to work properly. By using this technology, can effectively reduce the time that it takes members to log in, customize their home pages and submit any requests to the site. Please note that even though cookies don't contain any sensitive information they are automatically deleted when you log out of the site.

To enable cookies, you need to have selected the 'accept cookies' option in your web browser to allow the customizable elements of to work properly and to be able to log in successfully. Finding your cookies function can be tricky as it's kept in all sorts of different locations on different web browsers. Try looking in the Tools or Preferences menus. Your cookies function could be hiding under security, advanced settings or network. Once you have found your cookies function make sure that the 'accept cookies' option is set to 'always'.