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Why can't I save my listing? I was trying to edit my listing but got kicked off the 'edit my listing' page and re-directed to the login page.

Any problems saving changes to your listing or your details will probably be due to your sessions 'timing out'. Every time you login to MindMyHouse you begin what's known in computer jargon as a 'session'. The computer starts a clock every time you click on a page or link; if forty minutes passes since your last mouse click, the computer automatically logs you out of that session. Annoying we know! This is done as part of our security protocol - if the computer thinks you have abandoned it, your session 'times out' and no one is able to access your password-protected account areas and information. Next time you login to edit or create your listing simply click on different parts of the site every so often and you'll be fine! If you still cannot save your listing or save changes to your listing or your details don't despair! We can make the changes or paste your information directly into the template for you. Please contact us directly at or contact us via our support form.