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How do we finalise the details of the house sitting assignment?

It's a good idea for home owners and house sitters to meet before finalizing the details of the assignment. However, due to the constraints of geography this may be a luxury that you do not have. Once a home owner has offered a house sitting assignment to a house sitter and they have accepted the offer it's time to finalise the agreement so that everyone can get organized. A lot of the negotiation of the particular requirements of the house sitting assignment can be done over the phone and by email. Be specific and be very accurate in what you would both like to see happen during the assignment so that the house sitter arrives prepared and ready to assume their responsibilities. If both parties have a copy of the house sitting agreement (located in our Help Centre) in front of them during this process then the agreement need only be signed once the house sitter arrives. It may be a good idea for the house sitter to spend the last night before the home owner leaves at the property so that they can learn about the particular requirements of the property and resident animals. Don't forget to quickly run through the Checklist for home owners and Checklist for pet owners (download and print out copies of these from our Help Centre). They contain reminders of the many things you may need to do before the home owner hands over the care of the property to the house sitter.