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Who can see my contact details? What contact details are visible online?

Your email address, country of residence and first and last names will be visible only to those people who take the time to register with our site as home owner and house sitter members.

Be assured that any other information you provided when you registered (such as your home address) will not be displayed under any circumstances, except as an icon on a map. Note however that logged in members cannot zoom in to see your actual house.

For house sitters, if you provide your phone number in your registration form, these will optionally be visible to registered home owner members (depending on the settings in your listing). Please note that it would be helpful to your success as a house sitter if you include your full name when you register as a member. Home owners require this kind of transparency from house sitters. 

To help protect your privacy when advertising your house sitting services on, consider using an email address that doesn't reveal your place of employment. You should also avoid placing your contact details within your listing. Note that because only registered home owners can see your email address (unless you've included it in the body of your listing) it cannot be harvested and added to a spam mailing list. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we strive to protect the privacy of your information.

In addition, you can also choose to make your listing invisible to Google and other search engines. Just click the 'hide from Google' checkbox on the 'Edit my listing' page, under the 'Miscellaneous' tab.