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How do I cancel/remove/delete my house sitter membership?

House sitter memberships expire after twelve months if you choose to not renew your account. You can choose to hide or delete your sitter wanted listing at any time from your account area. Without a searchable listing, home owner members do not have any visible presence on the site.

If you wish to cancel your house sitter account immediately, select the 'Cancel account' link from the bottom of your 'My account' page, which is available on your Dashboard. You can also email to arrange the removal of your membership account from the site.

Please also note that for your information, not all of our home owners create 'Sitter wanted' listings on MindMyHouse. Instead, they can search for house sitters and contact them directly. Therefore, the number of listed house sitting assignments in our search engine is not an accurate indicator of how many actual house sitting assignments there are - there will usually be more than shown.