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What are my chances of being offered a house sitting assignment through advertising my house sitting services on MindMyHouse?

House sitting worldwide is undoubtedly a fast-growing phenomenon. Modern life in the new millennium is making more demands on us and offering us more opportunities for adventure - we're more mobile and we're traveling more to work and play. And as birth rates drop in the Western world, pet ownership rises! Hence the growing global demand for house sitters such as yourselves. There is no quantitative data on the numbers of home owners searching for house sitters on this big planet of ours. I wish I knew! But you'll only know what your chances are of being offered a house sitting assignment by advertising on MindMyHouse if you make the effort to do so. Some house sitters will be inundated with offers of assignments and will be able to travel from one assignment to the other with not much time off inbetween. These types of house sitters often find that their services will be booked up for months (or even years) ahead. Unfortunately, other house sitters may be waiting many months (or even years) for that call or email with the offer of a single assignment. There are many factors that influence your chances of being chosen for an assignment. Some of these you can't control (such as your age, marital status and country of residence) others you can (such as providing references, offering home owners a security deposit, a police background check and the chance to interview you for the job before making a decision). The importance of having a well-written listing describing yourself and your experience in adequate detail cannot be overestimated. You only have one impression to make on home owners, so make it a good one! Many owners will only be reading your title and the first 400 characters of your listing (they can read these without having to click on your listing) so pack these two things with information. Think of your sitter available listing as a mini job application. The tone of your listing needs to be upbeat and positive and needs to tell the owner just how willing you are to accommodate their needs. Flexibility is the key to success in this competitive game. If you're prepared to house sit anywhere in your chosen countries at any time of the year and with any number of animals in your care, then you should attract the attention of a number of home owners. Good luck!