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About my Listing

Why can I see my sitter available listing in my account area but I can't see it in the search results?

There are two possible reasons for this. You may have inadvertently hidden your listing or we may have hidden your listing for you because the dates you listed in your sitter available listing had expired.

A week before your availability dates expire we will have sent you an email. This email asked that you either set your availability dates into the future or that you hide your listing from public view (you can do this from your account area) until you would like to advertise your house sitting services again. If you didn't act on this reminder, we will have hidden your listing from view for you.

If this happens and you would like to amend your availability dates after they've expired, simply edit your listing from your account area, taking care to choose dates that are current. To bring your listing back into public view choose the 'Save and publish' option from your listing.