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For sitters: How do I customize my sitter available listing so that the maximum number of home owners find it?

When home owners search our database for house sitters they do so by choosing a country name and entering place names in up to two additional fields (city/town, region/state) in a search form. They may also narrow their search still further by typing one or more keywords into the form. If you want to be found by the largest number of home owners keep in mind the following tips when listing area names in your sitter available listing.

  • Keywords: These are the wildcards of the searching process. By adding one or more keywords to their search form home owners are considerably reducing the number of sitter available listings that they see. Our search engine will only find and display those listings that contain a match with the home owner's search terms. You can make searching by keyword your friend by trying to anticipate what terms home owners will be looking for and adding them to your listing where relevant. Popular keywords may include: non smoking, drivers lisence, dog lover, cat lover, gardener, companion, retired couple, veterinarian, security deposit, police check etc.
  • Region: We have several options to assist home owners when they search for house sitters by region. First, they can select a country to restrict their search to. This corresponds to the countries that you have selected to house sit in (ie. via your listing). Home owners can also search for house sitters who live near to them. This will try to find house sitters who live near them and  corresponds to the 'Do you also want to sit locally' option that you see on your 'Edit my listing' page (step 7). We recommend that you opt in to this search to improve your chances at being selected for a house sitting assignment.
  • Whole names: Using acronyms, abbreviations and local lingo in your sitter available listing will work just fine if everyone else is on your wavelength (using exact matches of your terms in their searches). However, many home owners may not be familiar, so please spell out any acronyms or abbreviations.