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Can I register as both a house sitter and a home owner and become a dual member of MindMyHouse?

Yes you can register as both a house sitter and a home owner on our site. This is quick and easy to do. If you're already a member simply login to the site with your usual email address and password. If you're already a registered home owner (for example) choose the House sitters area tab. Then choose Register. Your details will be copied through from your home owner membership. Click the Register button at the bottom of the page. Et voila! You're now a dual member with two account areas. You can now contact home owners through our blank contact form on the site and you still have full access to all of our house sitters' contact details.

Managing your dual membership on MindMyHouse is simple. You can use the same login details (your email address and password) to view and amend details in both your house sitter account area and your home owner account area during the same session. Please take care when you're creating an listing that you're in the right account area!

Note that your contact details will be copied through from your first account to your second account. If you would like to have different contact details in your two account areas then you will need to register again as a home owner member using a different email address (your password can remain the same).