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What information do I need to leave for my house sitter?

Upon arriving in your home your house sitter may feel like a stranger in a strange land (indeed, they may have traveled from another country to house sit for you) and thus the more information you can provide to help them get orientated the better. You could sit down and write a long list of instructions about your quirky appliances and pampered pet's likes and dislikes but you don't need to 'reinvent the wheel' every time you have a house sitter stay in your home.

It's a really good idea to put together an information pack in A4 plastic envelopes in a sturdy folder for your future house sitters' easy access. With a little bit of updating this folder's contents can be used by your house sitters for years to come. Your signed house sitting agreement should form the cornerstone of your information pack. For suggestions as to what this information pack could contain, see the following documents in our Help Centre (these are also downloadable if you'd like to print them out) at the following URL:

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