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Where is my listing exactly? Does it have its own website address (URL)? Can I use this URL elsewhere?

Your listing, once pubished, has its own unique web address (or URL) so you can use it anywhere.

For house sitters – consider your sitter available listing your personal web page on our site. If you are contributing to forums you can use your web page's URL as part of your biographical information so that other people can click on it and see your listing. Or you could include the URL as part of your personalized email tagline or print it out on a business card. Why not? It's a good way to get your sitter available listing out there! Once you have logged into your account area on our site, you can find the unique URL of your listing easily by clicking on 'Edit my listing'. Your web page address should look like this (but with a different number instead of the zeros):

If you paste your unique URL into the address field of your web browser you will immediately see your sitter available listing as it appears on our website. Note that your name and other contact details have been hidden behind a password-protected area on our site so this information is not viewable in this version of your listing.

You can also choose to have your listing hidden from Google searches. Just look for the 'Hide from Google' checkbox on the 'Edit my listing' page, under the 'Miscellaneous' heading.