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About my Listing

Can I write my listing in a language other than English?

Please feel free to write your listing in as many languages as you want to. We just ask that you try your best to include an English version of your listing as well. We don't mean to be English-centric but in order to have a global service that is accessible to the greatest number of users we need to have a common language in use on the site. Plus, if you include an English-language version of your listing you'll have a great many more users reading your listing (and replying to it!). If you're not confident about your written English, email our editor an English-language version of your listing (you could put your text through Google's language translator at the following URL: to come up with a rough version in English). I'll do my best to correct your text for you while retaining the original meaning of your words. It's all part of the service!