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I'm really interested in home exchanging. Should I say this in my sitter available listing?

Home exchanging, like house sitting worldwide, is a new(ish) global phenomena that has taken off with the advent of the Internet. Many websites now cater specifically for those who want to swap their homes (temporarily) with others around the planet. Here at MindMyHouse, we're focused on creating the world's best resource on all things house sitting. Of course, it doesn't hurt to mention your interest in home exchanging in your listing but if you are at all curious about home exchanging we recommend searching online for home exchange websites. Helen Bergstein of the US-based website Digsville is an expert on the subject of home exchanging worldwide. She has created a well-respected home exchanging website that undoubtedly has all the information you are looking for. It's free to search the listings on Digsville and free to contact home owners with a home exchange proposition. Note however, that home exchanging is all about mutuality, so to be successful as a home swapper it's a good idea to invest in Digsville's annual subscription (MindMyHouse members get a discount on a full membership package) and create your own online member profile to showcase your home and location (with photos of course!).