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Why is my photo getting cropped?

As part of the redesign for version 3, we have made the images in your listings much larger relative to the text. However, to make everything fit well on small screens, medium screens and large screens, we opted for a ‘panoramic’, or horizontal format. If you previously uploaded an image that was in a portrait format, some unfavourable cropping might have happened as we crossed over to the new ‘landscape’ format. To resolve this, can we ask that you edit your listing to delete old, now unsuitable portrait-style listings and upload some new images that work better?

Having said that, we’ve included a new ‘crop’ feature (for new images), which will help you select the best part of your picture, and instantly make it suitable for our new format. This works best when you upload one image at a time, rather than several.

Here is the newsletter as well, in case you want to read it: