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About my Listing

How do I improve my chances?

There are several things you can do to improve your chances at being selected for a house sitting assignment. The most important thing to do is to get your 'Sitter available' listing looking as good as it can.

This would include adding some more details about yourself into your listing. We find that home owners often find it difficult to choose between house sitters, and so having some additional information will always give you an edge.

The following FAQs may also help you:

How do I customize my sitter available listing so that the maximum number of home owners find it?

We also encourage you to add some references or testimonials to your 'Sitter available' listing. For more information about these, please read the following article in our news section:

In addition, you should setup an email alert or two, so that you can be respond quickly when a listing comes up that you are interested in. Competition for house sitting opportunities can be intense sometimes and email alerts are a good way to help you get your application in early. For help in setting up an email alert/s, please see the following FAQ on the subject:

What is an email alert? How I create/delete/edit my email alert?

With regards to your listing, to improve your visiblity, please consider opting into the Local House sitter feature on the site. This makes you available for house sitting locally.

How do I make myself available for house sitting in my local area?