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For owners: How do I find a house sitter that actually normally lives in my country?

There are two ways to search the MindMyHouse database. They are called the standard search and the Search by location. You can find house sitters who normally live in your country using either method of searching.

The first method, the standard search searches the database for all house sitters who have said that they would like to house sit in your country and/or particular region. Note that these house sitters may or may not live in your country. To see where they normally live, note their country of residence at the top of their listing in the list of search results.

The second method, the Search by location limits your search of the database to those house sitters who live nearest to you and have said they are interested in house sitting locally.

You can make a shortlist of preferred sitters by choosing –add to my shortlist' from each sitter available listing. Select the –printer version' of your shortlist to print your very own list of house sitters.

For more help on using the standard search, read this FAQ

For more help on using the Search by location, read this FAQ